House rules


10. selfishness, selfish thoughts
9. injury or insult to another, accidental or otherwise
8. injury to another
7. theft or property damage, ruining someone’s life
6. manslaughter or mass property damage, destroying a life of a family
5. murder or torture, through interrogation or otherwise
4. serial or mass murder or manslaughter
3. murder out of spite or enjoyment, heinous torture
2. planned murder of physically and socially helpless (such as children or old people)
1. utter and heinous perversion or murder on a mass scale such as destroying an entire village

Experience (to finish later)
  • per sessions – for showing up, danger (but not caused by players), flaws fulfilled
  • per story – planning, writing
    Awarded x2 for faster progression.
  • one per player arriving on time
  • awarded for writing on this portal ;)

They can be used to: re-roll one roll (except a Degeneration roll) made either by a player or a damage roll.

House rules

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