Somnambulance of the Sundial
(Celerity 3, Obtenebration 5)
With this devotion a Khaibit may anchor their Shadow Form to a large object and sleep the day away within the bounds of its wandering shadow. In ancient times this was employed to undertake long journeys. For more modern vampires aware of this secret devotion, some use it to appear as if they are mysteriously havenless.
Cost: 1 Vitae
Dice Pool: This power involves no roll to invoke
Action: Instant
The user selects a nearby object larger than them self and pays the Vitae cost. The Kindred will take on the Shadow Form and become anchored to the object. If the vampire is already in the Shadow Form the Vitae cost must still be paid.

This power may only be used with a discreet object such as a tree or building. A non-discreet geographic feature such as a hill or mountain is not acceptable, though a boulder jutting from the side of a hill would be. The anchoring object must present an unbroken opaque cross-sectional area large enough that the Khaibit could reasonably “hide” behind it in physical form.

During the day the Kindred’s body of shadow will remain away from the sun within the confines of the object’s own precessing shadow. The total area of shadow that the object casts is irrelevant as is any sudden movement such as tree-branch shadows swaying with the breeze. Artificial or reflected light does not affect the Shadow Form. This devotion may not be activated however if the vampire is currently touched by direct sunlight.

If the object is damaged or otherwise altered in such a way that it is made smaller than the requisite size the effect ends immediately and the vampire is returned to physical form. Also, if the object is moved from its original position relative to the Kindred when anchored the effect ends. As an example: a Khaibit stands on a trailer next to a shipping crate and anchors to the crate. If the trailer is moved about or even rotated 360 degrees to the sun the power is unaffected. However, if the crate were to shift slightly from its original position on the trailer or was levered onto its side the Khaibit would be returned to physical form.

The sleeping vampire may be detected by supernatural abilities that can discern an object in Twilight but even then the shadow may not be recognized for what it is. If a character is attempting to perceive a Khaibit employing this power, use the Clash of Wills rules from p119 of V:tR with the Khaibit defending via an Intelligence + Stealth + Obtenebration roll. (Intelligence is used instead of Resolve because this is an unconscious roll and pre-planning rather than determination is involved in keeping them obscured.) If the Kindred should awaken during the day for any reason the rules and modifiers for daylight activity still apply and a check for Rotschreck may be required. If the vampire frenzies they likely will cower in their Shadow Form against the Anchor rather than dashing into open daylight.

This power lasts one day or until the next sundown. The power may be terminated early at will.

This power costs 24 experience points to learn.

jel može proć ovaj devotion?

također variant trećeg dota auspexa:

••• The Feathers’ Flight
Whereas most Kindred seek to pick up impressions
from specific objects, the seers of the ancient Mexican
vampires developed their powers differently. After learning
to view the halo of shining feathers that compose a subject’s
aura, Kindred begin to develop the ability to track the path
of those feathers back through time.
The power manifests as visible tracks of color through
the air, representing the path of the individual, and spots
of color on anything the target has recently touched. The
tracks will give some residual impression of the target’s
emotional state at the time (from the hue itself, as with
aura perception), and will grow brighter with proximity to
the present. A knife held last week in anger might carry a
dim red glow, while one brandished just minutes ago would
shine a brilliant crimson. The vampire using the power need
not have the subject in sight at the time, so long as he is
acquainted with her. Thus, the power may actually be used
to track a friend or foe whose current location is unknown
— provided that the vampire using the power knows at
least one place the person recently visited.
Using this power requires some concentration, limiting
the activity of the vampire making use of it. He may walk
and speak quietly, but is unable to engage in any strenuous
activity or respond to any strong emotional stimulus. If he
does so, the power fades and will not re-activate until he
can return his full attention to it.
Note that the use of this power does not reveal the exact
time of the subject’s presence — just a relative estimate
based on the brightness of the track. It’s difficult to say if a
half-dim track means that a subject was present three days
ago or five days ago, for example.

Cost: –
Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Auspex
Action: Instant

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The vampire perceives a tangle of
illusory paths around the true one, making it impossible
to track the subject properly. It’s highly likely that any
further attempt this scene will yield a false result, leading
the vampire in the wrong direction.

Failure: There is no discernible path. If the subject is
present, the failure is apparent. If not, it simply seems as if
the subject has never been in the current location.

Success: The path of the subject (up to a week old)
appears as a spectral ribbon of color, floating in mid-air.
Anything in the area that the subject has recently touched
is “painted” with this light as well. The color of the light
indicates the basic emotional state of the subject at the
time. If a location is well traveled by the subject, it will be
immediately apparent to the vampire using the power, who
will see tracks running back and forth through the area.

Exceptional Success: An exceptional success provides
an extended view of the subject’s path, allowing the vampire
to track the subject back for a month. Every object,
creature and person the subject touched in that time will
be marked, and the emotional state of the subject at the
time will be laid bare.

alucinor dice pool cap

Ghoul je supernatural creature. Košta WP point za telepathy i ine forice.

Prerequisite: Intelligence ••, Stealth •••
Effect: You may not be any good in a fight, but it
doesn’t matter. You understand the language of mur- der in a way that few others do. You’re a connoisseur of death, skilled at bringing other people to their ends. When you attempt a surprise attack in combat, if your target doesn’t detect your attack (and would normally not apply Defense), you instead strike a killing blow (World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 168).
Drawback: You must name your target on the turn before you attack — you can’t choose to slaugh- ter whoever is slowest that turn.

The following Merits are especially suited to slasher characters, dealing as they do with the art of serial murder. Other characters may only take them with Storyteller permission. pg. 127

These monsters — these seemingly unstoppable kill- ing machines — exist in the World of Darkness. This book is about bringing the slasher trope to bear in your Hunter: The Vigil game, helping you perhaps tell a story or chronicle that is effectively a slasher horror film writ large, played out with the help of you and your troupe. pg.11

1) ne možeš se portat koliko hoćeš, trebaš najavit koga za sljedeću rundu
2) to nije iz World of Darknessa već specifično iz Hunter the Vigila, a ja nisam bio upoznat s time kad sam ovo dopustio
3) nadalje specifično je za antagoniste iz Hunter the Vigila…, a ja nisam bio upoznat s time kad sam dopustio ovo
4) svejedno ću dopustit ali hoćem da ti je humanity niži, 3 ili manje, prema humanity listi koju smo napravili, s obzirom da nije za player charactere već za luđake i ktome ljude (Morality = 0, unplayable)

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