Pater Lucca

Kindred Priest, Sanctified.


Has great sway over the garrison in Mont San Pietro. He is probably not a neonate considering his level of power in Auspex and Obfuscate and the fact he has managed to fool the entire city into believing him to be nothing but an innocent priest.

He appears to have the ability to drain Vitae through his fingers. This is something we need to gather more information on.


Chapter 1

Luciano says that during the day he holds masses in the church for the peasents and soldiers alike, often speaking of “creatures of the night” that are among us. One such speech stands a particular notice, the one in the morning after the attack on the Ordo outpost.

Very little is known about him, certainly this needs to be rectified by extended information extraction.

The only thing that we are able to gather so far is that he is most likely working with another Kindred, by all appearances a Haunt with considerable abilities himself.

The entire thing is unclear, further information will come shortly I hope.

Chapter 2

During Benedicts run in with Pater Luca several things came to light.

It would seem that he can drain Vitae through his hands or at least Benedict seems to believe this to be true. It mandates further investigation, I’m certain that the library in Bologna might have further information on this matter.

He is also reluctant to harm anyone or at least Benedict, he also claims to have sent the missing ghouls to Rome and had put them under Vinculum (why were they not under one already, extreme sloppy work to allow such assets to be susceptible to the most basic of weakness) this will require further investigation.

Through my own means I’ve come to a rather problematic discovery – Pater Luca can walk during the day, he has actually been seen rather often outside, he even dreams of resting under the sun but for some reason feels guilty for it.

Which begs the question who is our mysterious Kindred, I’ve failed to pierce his dreams, he feels older then Benedict and I.

He also says he wants to be left alone and that he has had to run before. Which would pose the question whether he is one of the Sanctified or simply rather pious.

It’s clear that we have much to unravel here still.

Pater Lucca

Sprezzatura Salarion