Mont San Pietro chapter 2
12.9.1490 AD

After all the chaos last night, things got a bit complicated. Now there are guards everywhere, patrolling and standing guard around town, but strangely none seem to be actively seeking us. After the last night’s narrow escape I’d expect as much but still. Even more troubling news came from Luciano – seems our good priest, aside form Kindred abilities, has a few other skills – not affraid of fire and even more troubling, he can walk in daylight! How is that possible? Could he have transcended his undead state? No matter, we need to find out who or what he is and fast. Luciano suggested monks in a nearby monastery as a source of information as they seem to keep track of all the supernatural happenings in the area. So we decided to split up, I will go and snoop around the fort, and Augustus will try and find a way to get closer to the priest to interrogate him. Thus he started probing the minds of everyone he could reach in search of answers. Meanwhile I went to the fort to snoop around. The stench of the place couldn’t hide the trap. However instead of fighting or simply escaping I decided to let myself get captured and perhaps get a chance to speak to our good priest and get some answers. He didn’t see it my way and I could sense that he was afraid of someone or something, but wouldn’t tell me who or what. Perhaps it is connected to what Augustus discovered – something with an extremely powerfull mind. On top of that, he is being followed by something large, heavy that likes to howl and growl, most likely a Lupine. I used the priest’s “hospitality” for this day thinkin maybe something will come of it, but he left me in a small room with guards whoe seemd to be very affraid of something…

13.9.1490 AD

I slept through the day and awoke in the unknown room I was left last night and figured I can’t waste anymore time so I decided to escape. Augustus wasn’t as useless as I was during the day, using his powers to look through the dreams of interesting figures in town. Our good priest stays awake during the day it seems which is not surprising considering he can apparently walk in daylight. More disturbing was the fact that he sensed another Kindred, a very old and very powerfull one it seems, but could not see his dreams. It wasn’t very difficult with my talents. I escaped with little notice from anyone, but I have that tingly feeling that something is wrong. Guards are weird, squad of horsemen rode into town only to come back a few minutes later, apparently used as courriers, but why so many. Anyhow I decided it was time to return to our safe house, regroup then try a different approach…

Mont San Pietro chapter 1

(samo natuknice za sada)

10.9. 1490AD
- wolves along the way from Bologna with orders
- arrival in Mont San Pietro
- inn and horses
- meeting the ghoul Luciano
- digging through his memories, seeing Giovanni and the Haunt
- scouting out the fort
- stuck in Mont San Pietro (wolves, letters might be read, full moon)
- first day and guards

11.9. 1490AD
- moving to another house and feeding
- events at the fort
- seeing the priest Lucca and the Haunt
- the trap and the escape


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